Marka Salsberry

Marka is not only an integral behind the scenes part of JAX Construction, but she is a physical therapist, wife to Ryan, and mother to their son. We’d love for you get to know her a little bit.

What is your favorite part about remodeling a home?  

My favorite part of remodeling or building a home is the design element. While I am not a designer by trade, I love to envision and plan what a demolished space could be. 

What is the #1 tip you would give to someone looking to remodel their home?  

We went through a 15-month remodel and addition on our own home, so I can appreciate the impact a renovation project, big or small, has on one’s daily life. The #1 tip I have to offer, not only as a general contractor’s wife, but as someone who has been through it, is that it’s never too early to start picking out materials. When a project is in the framing or demolition stage, choosing items like door hardware, flooring patterns, wall colors, etc. seem so far in the future. These decisions come fast and often at the same time. So, having an idea of what you like beforehand will help lesson the stress of making last minute choices.  

When I am not busy working at JAX, you’ll most likely find me…?

When I’m not busy with all the fun JAX Construction brings and working as a Physical Therapist you will most likely find me playing outside with my 2 year old son. Having a Daddy that is a contractor has led to his constant wanting to play with toy tools and to build things.