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Jax Construction is an all-encompassing construction company, with 20+ years’ experience handling everything from custom-built homes to renovations. With the addition of our in-house interior design expert, we have the expertise and capability to handle your entire project from start to finish. In addition, we also offer clients targeted services such as drawings, designing, or construction as opposed to all services at once. One of our most popular services is curating expert design services for clients to use for their projects with a contractor of their choice. We create detailed custom plans outlining materials, dimensions, and layouts for you to give to your builder to execute your dream home or renovation.

Curated Expert Design Development

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It is the job of the designer to work closely with the client, gathering details, evaluating tastes and style, to ultimately envision the perfect design to meet their needs. Our expert design team works closely with the client to produce precise quality drawings that are shared with the builder, making your dream turn into a reality. The drawings portray realistic 3 dimensional renderings making visualization for clients easy and understandable while also providing clear expectations for builders.

What to Expect

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When choosing Jax Construction for your design needs, you can expect transparency, concise communication, honesty, and adaptability. As your building designer, our priority is the customer experience. We are professional and familiar with all facets of the building trade, creating plans and designs that represent the customers’ needs, style, and budget. We offer a complete range of professional design services to you as the client including:

· Initial planning meeting confirming size, usage, and location of the space.

· Preliminary drawings outlining the layout that meets the needs and style of the client, followed by updated and enhanced drawings including any wanted changes, specifications, materials, locations of doors/windows, and other structural details.

· Target any design issues with economical, functional, and practical solutions that transition seamlessly into the overall design concept.

· Working directly with the client to offer recommendations on facets of the design regarding materials, architectural elements, as well as design elements.

· Ensuring the drawings comply with all applicable building codes and regulations.

· Provide details for all structural, plumbing, mechanical, heating and cooling, and electrical needs.

· Provide an accurate cost estimate and work with the client to meet budget requirements.

· Work with the builder of your choice to ensure the design is followed and completed per the approved drawings.

· Work with our designer to pick out furnishings, materials, window treatments, paint colors or wallpaper, and decor as needed.

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Providing design services to our clients is a piece of our comprehensive construction services that we are excited and passionate about. With our enhanced attention to detail and knowledge of construction, carpentry, and the building industry, we can provide thorough designs and instructions for the implementation of your next home project. If you are interested in working with our team for design services, contact us for a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!