What was the scope of your remodel?

We hired JAX Construction and owner Ryan Salsberry to remodel our downtown Columbus condo. It was originally a shoe factory and had been developed into condos in 2006. Our unit is on the first floor, a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, about 2000 sq.ft. condo. We hired Ryan to do a complete remodel of both bathrooms, which involved new configurations, floors, walls, and fixtures. We had them change the entrance into the master closet (cutting through an 18” brick wall), faux paint the kitchen cabinets, paint the entire interior, and upgrade the lighting. The entire job took 10 weeks.

Why did you choose JAX Construction for your remodeling needs?

We interviewed 4 remodelers, two very well known, large companies; a medium size company; and JAX Construction, a smaller company. Ryan gave us the most competitive bid and the best timeline. We liked Ryan’s approach and the sub-contractors he had us meet that gave estimates on our job.

What surprised you during the remodeling process?

Nothing. We have built several houses and experienced major remodels before.

What is the favorite aspect of your remodeled room or rooms?

The master bath because it’s both functional and lovely. We were able to redesign the floor plan and gained a large linen closet in the process.

How was your overall experience?

The overall experience was very positive. We were fortunate that we didn’t live at the site during the remodeling. We like the sub-contractors and the quality of the work they did. Ryan was very responsive in all communications and solved every problem that was encountered.

What advice would you offer to someone who is remodeling a home?

Have a realistic expectation of the costs and timeline. Even though you will want it to go quicker and cost less, each person in the process (subs, the contractor, suppliers, etc.) all need time to do a good job at a fair price.

Modern bathroom with sleek design touches