This project focused on completing a full kitchen remodel with the removal of the wall between the kitchen and dining room for clients Amy and Jerry. A walk-in pantry was added in the kitchen by using an existing hall closet and a barn door added to cover the new pantry opening. A custom bench with cabinets on either side in the new kitchen/ breakfast nook and custom pantry shelving completed the new remodel. A half bath was remodeled as well as other work to the first floor, including new hardwood flooring, trim, and paint. The project also included new lighting throughout the entire first floor with recessed can lights and pendant lights over the island.

Why did you choose JAX Construction for your remodeling needs?

I had a word of mouth connection through his company. I also had a couple of other companies come out to discuss our project and see what work they thought it would entail. I had confidence with the ideas Ryan provided to us upfront, as well as his ability to answer my questions. He helped me conceptualize the details of what the work would be. Ryan provided us an organized scope and timeline of the project. His work was very reasonably priced.

What surprised you during the remodeling process?

What surprised me were the contacts that Ryan had on-hand for some of the work, including the electrician and the carpenter. He seemed well connected, and if he didn’t do the work himself, he had someone on hand ready to jump in. Also, the speed at which some of the steps were completed was surprising. Within one day we were able to see all of the trim up and on another to see all of the cabinets installed. The work was completed efficiently. At one point the flooring I purchased had a problem, and even though it threw off our timing, Ryan did not cut corners when a bit of extra time was needed.

What is the favorite aspect of your remodeled room or rooms?

I would say the large kitchen and beautiful floors. Ryan can conceptualize space well. After the project started my husband wanted to have a pantry installed where there were two closets. Ryan was able to design the space my husband really wanted. We hadn’t been able to figure out how it would work, but Ryan did.

How was your overall experience?

Our experience was very solid. Ryan worked tirelessly. He was consistent and committed to the project. I didn’t have large gaps of time where he didn’t come or have other things happen that you hear about with remodeling projects. He was here and I felt like we were a priority. The remodel created a beautiful space for the family.

What advice would you offer to someone who is remodeling a home?

One thing Ryan did upfront that was very helpful was to organize a timeline and budget of the project and what would be accomplished across several weeks. This helped me plan for my busy family and understand when we needed to be out of the kitchen. It helped know when my decisions would need to be made for flooring, paint colors and other aspects of the project based on the timeline.

One piece of advice I would give is to explore the materials and components of the remodel ahead of time. Make ballpark decisions ahead of time, but use the time you have with the remodeler, like Ryan, to discuss, talk, and share what you envision for the project. Make some choices upfront in order to communicate with your contractor to assure you are on the same page. I’d also recommend shopping around for some of the larger cost items, like flooring. I found some sales, which really helped to offset the overall cost of the project.

Ryan has a really solid experience set and this was clear in his work. He understands contracting and how to work with multiple people on a timeline. This made him stand out over other companies we considered.