Jessica and Ryan not only completed a kitchen remodel, which involved a new quartz countertop, unique backsplash, repainted cabinets and replaced some appliances but then hired JAX Construction to do a complete remodel of Jessica’s new office. This consisted of a complete remodel in terms of gutting out the space. A kitchen was added, as well as an extra bathroom, a lobby, repainted office, new molding, new doors, and carpeting. It was a total update.

Why did you choose JAX Construction for your remodeling needs?

My husband found JAX Construction through an interior decorator that referred Ryan to us. Ryan came over to meet with us and was super mellow and really didn’t try to sell us anything. His personality meshed well with ours. Ryan took care of any issues or worries we had with no issues. He is very intelligent about the construction process, the steps we were going to take, the timeline and had a price right where we wanted it to be. We did the kitchen in our home first and then we had Ryan do the office for us because of our kitchen experience.

What surprised you during the remodeling process?

With the office and kitchen, Ryan was here on the job almost every day and did most of the work himself. If he wasn’t doing the hands on work he was closely overseeing it. Not only is he the owner, but also he is actively involved and does much of the work himself, which is really important. We weren’t caught off guard with anything in either of the remodels.

What is the favorite aspect of your remodeled room or rooms?

We love the backsplash in our kitchen. It is a very unique marble backsplash with a stainless steel pattern running through it. It was really hard to work with the cutting and piecing of it but they did it well! We also love our quartz countertop.

How was your overall experience?

Our experience was great. Ryan was easy to get ahold of by phone and was very responsive to our requests. He is very honest.

What advice would you offer to someone who is remodeling a home?

Pick out a budget and be clear on it with your contractor-any contractor that is good and experienced will be able to stay in your budget. Be very clear about what you want and don’t settle if something doesn’t look right and doesn’t feel right to you. Get several estimates before deciding. Have your design decisions made or in place before hiring a contractor and meeting with them so that the process can go smoothly and easily for everyone. Try to pick out everything (countertop, backsplash, flooring, etc.) ahead of time and have decisions made so the team isn’t left waiting and can’t do the work or have it take longer than necessary.

Ryan and his staff are great to work with. They went above and beyond expectations, especially with the office, as we were on a deadline. They did everything they could to get us in on time. They were even laying carpet while we were moving in! Chet was great about keeping things nice for us. The movers made some dings in the walls and got dirt on the carpet when we were moving into the office, but Ryan and Chet got those things fixed for us after the move in was complete, without us really having to ask.

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