Who doesn’t like knowing that what you do means something to someone else? Many times, what we do can go without knowing if we made a difference, touched someone’s life in a way we didn’t expect, or just made something easier or better for someone.

At JAX Construction, we believe the difference is simple when you work with us. You will work with Ryan, the owner of JAX Construction and our crew. We work hard to learn the why and how of your individual project – no cookie-cutter plans or designs for us – and we pride ourselves on knowing you will feel confident to ask any questions and receive a direct answer.

As we finish each project, we appreciate our clients’ reactions to the finished rooms and spaces. We revel in their excitement and are grateful for being let into their homes (literally) and creating a space where families make memories.

Then we leave and move onto the next project. But sometimes, something humbling happens. A hand-written thank you, a positive Google review, a thanks in a testimonial, or a Facebook review comes our way. The difference we make for our clients drives us even harder to create the JAX difference for you!

In our humbleness comes the desire to share with you some of the notes, thoughtful words, and thanks we’ve received. Our hope is that when you read these, you’ll know we are who we say we are, and what you’ll get when you choose to work with us.

A Bit of Thanks From Our Clients!

“I had confidence with the ideas Ryan provided to us upfront, as well as his ability to answer my questions. He helped me conceptualize the details of what the work would be.” ~ Amelia

“I was extremely happy with the work Ryan and his team did on our home. Not only was the work excellent, but Ryan also provided a very reasonable price and even completed the work on a tight timeline. He and his team were friendly, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and cared about the quality of their work.” ~ Lathan

“I appreciate your attention to detail and adapting to quick changes! You found four great workers. They were kind, respectful and courteous in addition to doing excellent work.” ~ Sally

“My husband and I hired Ryan to fix a rotting rim joist under our back door. We ended up needing to replace our back door as well. He completed the work at an extremely reasonable price and in a very timely manner. He was available for any questions we had and even gave us advice on completing things DIY if we wished. We will definitely hire again for any future needs!” ~  Jennifer

“Ryan met our demanding expectations. Ryan advised us of what it would take to achieve or goals in terms of time, number of visits, and money. He first cut out the bad all the way to the bones. Then layered the framing & insulation to support his art-level drywall surface and paint. No lines. No Lines. We are very pleased with the results. “ ~ Michael

“I wanted to personally thank Ryan for his help with a rehab project we had in Columbus, Ohio. We live in California and Ryan made it very easy to communicate and get an estimate done for us in a timely manner. We will definitely be using him going forward. It’s hard to find a trustworthy General Contractor these days. ~ Johnathan

 “Ryan, we all really appreciate your service. We want to say a big THANK YOU for your wonderful gift of patience and time with us. You are really special to us. The back door is awesome! May God be with you. Again, many wonderful thanks!” ~ Tom and Becky

“Ryan, Thanks for the awesome basement upgrade. We enjoyed working with you and your guys and will be sure to give you a call when the next project comes up.” ~ Tracy and Ollie

“Ryan, I just wanted to thank you for your assistance both times you have had to come out to our house. Your patience, your integrity, and your direction let me know that you actually care about people!” Thank you! ~ Theresa

“Ryan, Here is a small token of my appreciation and thank you for everything you did for my two condos! I appreciate your attention to detail and adapting to quick changes! You have found four great workers! They were kind, respectful, and courteous in addition to doing exceptional work. You’ve certainly eased my load of dealing with two condos at once! Continued success! ~ Sally

“Thank you for a job well done and much appreciated. I am very pleased with all the work done on my house. ~ Glynna

“From meticulously caring everyday about the details of your work, to creatively looking for solutions and ideas to make our home even more enjoyable for us, in so many ways you treated our house the way you would your own. By caring so much and working so hard, you have helped create a place that will make us proud and where we will be safe, relaxed and comfortable for many years to come. For that, we will always be grateful.” ~ Shain and Renee

 Common Threads of Feedback We Appreciate Hearing:

  • Attention to detail
  • Committed to the project
  • Responsive
  • Communication
  • Great customer service
  • Knowledgeable
  • Best contractor
  • Always on top of things
  • Exemplary work
  • Professionalism
  • Goes the extra step
  • Adapting
  • Pleased with the work
  • Support and kindness
  • Best timeline

So, what is it like to work with us? We know you’ll be pleased. Give us a call at 614-633-5418 to discuss your project – whether it’s replacing a door or remodeling your whole house. Our difference is simple – we are here for you!