At Jax Construction, we love working with our clients to make the remodeling process as clear and seamless as possible, and as an extension of that, we have outlined what to expect when you hire us for your home remodel.  

Some clients can look at their space and know exactly how they want to update it to meet their needs. They create sketches, collect ideas on Pinterest, and research color schemes to lock down exactly what they want. 

Other clients have trouble visualizing the space but know how they want it to function. Many clients fall somewhere in between. Wherever you fall, we are here to help you finalize your ideas and reimagine your space. 

Step 1: Connecting with Jax 

Here is what to expect in your initial meeting with Jax  

  • Chat with a Jax team member to learn more about your project and how we can assist  
  • Share photos, inspiration images, or drawings you have to communicate your vision  
  • Working together to establish a preliminary budget range and timeline 
  • The Jax team will provide a general estimate based on similar projects  
  • A retainer fee is collected to move forward in the design process  
  • Discuss next steps 

 Step 2: Initial Consultation 

  • Meet at your home to assess the space 
  • Take measurements and photos  
  • Troubleshoot any potential issues 
  • The Jax team will provide a detailed itemized estimate of your project 
  • Address any specific questions or concerns about the project or budget 


 Step 3: Design + Planning  

  • Work together with our in-house interior design team to create design plans   
  • Jax to work with architect and/or engineer for structural plans, if required 
  • Complete permit process, if required  
  • Sign a contract and create a payment schedule  

 Step 4: Project Development + Selections 

  • Work closely with our in-house interior design team to make all material selections and finalize the details of your project  
  • Material orders placed  
  • Complete a pre-construction meeting to discuss logistics and coordinate the construction schedule  

 Step 5: Construction  

  • Beginning with demo, work will be completed per the approved drawings  
  • Ongoing communication with the Jax team regarding the work being done in your home and any hurdles or changes that may arise  
  • Ongoing support from our in-house interior design team to ensure all details are as expected and to help inform any design decisions during meetings with subcontractors  
  • Ongoing support from our Project Manager to ensure the project is staying on track and to facilitate communication between the client and the Jax team 
  • Support from the Jax team to answer any questions or concerns that arise 
  • Daily clean up prior to leaving the property 

Please understand that change is expected with remodeling projects. Refer to our State of the Industry Letter for more information on building materials and the impact that the current climate is having on home remodels.  

Step 6: Completion  

  • Final walkthrough to make sure all your expectations were met and to note any final construction details that need addressing 
  • Discuss any warranty information 

 With your permission, we may schedule a professional photographer to photograph your remodel for our website and social media accounts.  

Green Bathroom Process

“Jax Construction completed the remodel of our hallway full bath. The process was well planned, well-executed, and well communicated. The team was kind, considerate, and we really enjoyed seeing them every day! We have worked with other construction companies in the past, and Jax Construction was by far the best experience we have had. We will continue to go to them for all our remodeling needs.” 

-Kristen P. Worthington, OH

Living in a Remodel 

 We pride ourselves on our process and our clients’ happiness during their remodel. For those clients who plan to live in the home during this process, we want you to be aware of the impact it will have on your life. Please expect the following during your remodel: 

  •  Moments of loud machinery  
  • Limited access to garage or driveway space at times 
  • Presence of power tools and materials within the home 
  • Turning off the water supply or electrical supply when required 
  • Foot traffic of Jax team members and subcontractors walking in and out of the house 
  • Access to the house if the homeowner is not home 
  • Temporary denied access to spaces being remodeled 
  • Unforeseen issues that may arise during the remodel and working together to solve problems! 

 Together we will work with you to make living in a remodel as easy as possible while still being able to perform our daily tasks. We encourage all of our clients to communicate any questions or concerns to us that arise throughout the process.  

 If you are ready to begin your remodeling project, Jax Construction would love to help you make it happen. Visit our website or call us today at (614) 633-5418 to get the process started with our team!